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***** The Official Royal Antwerp v Rangers Match Thread *****

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3 hours ago, BlueThunder said:

Barasic was trying to show the referee he was being pushed. Then he jumps out the way when the ball was kicked. Idiotic.

WRONG, we have done this all fucking season, goldson controls it, we try show the opposing team and play them offside at set pieces from outside the box/cross balls, dont know how we havent conceded more tbh, cause we are all over the place once it comes in, allways man mark goal side, basics.

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4 hours ago, Gazzanova11 said:

I love that he addresses the press and our players by their first name Don’t know if anyone else has noticed this  but the man oozes class none of the training ground nickname shite. 

Jacko, Buff, Tav, Davo, Scotty  get used by him all the time mate.

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What a game that was btw. We needed a kick up the arse and we certainly got it last night, spirit was there for all to see. Need to go out and build on it on Sunday and put the league to bed as soon as possible.

Obviously need to get past the next leg but I don’t think any team will fancy us in the next round. The pressing game, short passing/swift movement and counter works perfectly in Europe and I would bet on us scoring against any team right now. 

Davis, McGregor, Kent and Morelos were outstanding last night. Kamara as well showing how comfortable he is in possession in tight places. Gutted for Tav after such an excellent season, fingers crossed it’s not as bad as it looked. Balogoun done well when he came on and will be something to work on in training for future games. Either that or Jack is decent at RB though would be better utilised in midfield.

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We weren't great last night but Antwerp a clearly a well drilled solid wee outfit. Just showed again hoe suited we are to Europe. A coupe of signings away from being some team at that stage. 

Canny believe Roofes injured again and mad Tav went off after the carry on with Patterson. Big Balogun was immense but for a 32 year old no playing at Wigan, to slot in at RB in European knockout fitba is no mean feat. 

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12 hours ago, Bad Robot said:

I’ll call it just now that we get Villarreal in the next round 



11 hours ago, RS4_wul said:

Still wid.


11 hours ago, Bad Robot said:

She’d play with your crystal balls all night 😂

Maybe it’s because I’m now getting on a bit or because because of lockdown,  but I would too 😂

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