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COVID Breach


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1 hour ago, Bad Robot said:

Im sure he was a 12 month loan 

Aye, that's the current deal we have with but we were meant to be looking to sign him up on a permanent deal initially before it fell through. Then we agreed a loan deal near the end of the transfer window. At least that's my understanding of it.

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1 hour ago, The Dude said:

Was waiting for another disciplinary for leaving early to go to a Rangers game for my (then) other job. Was physically pushed by my manager in the process and they tried to rush through that disciplinary (also a gross misconduct) in the hopes that by sacking me it would be the end of it.


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Think you could tell from Zungu’s reaction to his latest substitution vs Hamilton that he knows his time is up and probably just doesn’t give a flying fuck now. 

I have two kids in their early 20s and even last night one of them was bemoaning behind fed up during lockdown, though they are both working.  They have gone to friends houses every now and then, but only one at a time and very rarely. We warned them of risks but they’re both at Uni, doing well, and working shifts to earn money for themselves so I can hardly moan, it’s just so hard for them compared to oldies like me and the Mrs so I have some sympathy for the whole situation our infamous five now face. 

Because we don’t rate them as much, we were spewing on here about Jones and Edmundson and yet we have five idiots that have repeated what was warned about two months ago. A lot of what happens now will hinge on longer term approach for the original two, if loan gets them game time this season and then they come back to fight for their places then Patterson etc will also stay. If the originals get punted and the loans are seeing time out then the same should apply to these five, no matter who they are.  Agree selling on fee as part of sale in summer.  Selling doesn’t mean freeing. 


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1 hour ago, The Dude said:

Because they are bang to rights having been caught and fined by the polis.

Sorry mate, being caught by the police is not a pre requisite for SFA punishment. celtic ‘admitted’ breaching covid regulations, Duffy left the protective bubble and rejoined it playing a game prior to the completion of a self isolation period.
Yes our lads were caight and dealt with by the police and will be subject to club discipline. 

Please explain why we should accept a fine and/ or player ban outwith our international disciplinary ban without highlighting the fact that their players did exactly the same one no governance sanction was given. I’m not arguing for the sake of it but looking if someone can give me a realistic answer?...  

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1 hour ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Zungu bothers me least out them all tbh. I imagine he's here on his own and bored as fuck, and as stupid as he is bored. Thankfully we found out he's a waster before he was made permanent.

Patterson is the killer, he's being lined up for the permanent no1 RB. Bassey was in lead position to get himself there as LB too perhaps slightly further down the road. Then 2 youths who should be throwing everything at making a career in the game and getting into 1st team squads regularly.

Only Patterson may recover from this, but only because of how much we've invested in him being readied in the style of play we want from full backs. Even then, I'm not sure Gerrard will be as forgiving as some seem to expect.

Just posted in another thread.
Can only imagine Walter slapping lumps out of them,and that Durranty would be ducking in EK
.:furious::laughedat: :slapped:

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Sad Patterson is caught up in this, but after letting things settle down I'm moving towards just getting rid of all five of them.

For context, I wanted to give Edmundson and Jones a second chance.

But it's fucking unforgiveable to have done what those five have after everything that's gone before it.


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