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4 games from winning title, last 32 of Europa, Patterson and Bassey decide to go to a party. If they weren’t caught they’d have came into training with rest of squad on Monday/ Tuesday and then if it

It was last night & the rest of the squad are fine 

That's the post of a man who's just been furloughed by AVON .

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6 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

Yet you have had a lot to say about Neely without knowing  the facts. Face it mate, you are a blog writer and not a journalist. Bloggers write about yesterday's news and journalists are always looking for breaking news. 

Please please don't turn this into another fucking witch-hunt.

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6 minutes ago, eskbankloyal said:

10 penalty notices were issued. I believe it was in Bassey’s flat in Park Circus 

FFS 10 normal people would attract attention, Bassey must know that every cunt in that block of flats knows he plays for Rangers. Therefore, you keep your head down even more so than your average man on the street, not invite 9 other folk over for a fucking party. Quite unforgivable this. 

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