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4 games from winning title, last 32 of Europa, Patterson and Bassey decide to go to a party. If they weren’t caught they’d have came into training with rest of squad on Monday/ Tuesday and then if it

It was last night & the rest of the squad are fine 

That's the post of a man who's just been furloughed by AVON .

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2 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

This is worse than the Edmundson & Jones breach IMO. At least when they broke the rules we weren’t in a full lockdown and there hadn’t been the shit show which was their Dubai trip which put a massive spotlight on the irresponsibility of footballers too.

Exactly. Imagine the team talk Gerrard would’ve given after Edmundson and Jones? Then reiterating that after their Dubai jolly? And these fucking morons still go ahead and do this. Honestly can’t comprehend the stupidity. I’d ban them from the training ground until they can be sold in the summer. They clearly can’t be trusted to keep their colleagues safe. 

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Just now, McEwan's Lager said:

100% worse. They absolutely know the consequences. 

Do you know what I find crazy, Bassey and Edmundson are pals so Bassey will have known first hand how tight they both got it the first time it happened. For them to have that knowledge and still think it’s OK to do and even if they got caught they wouldn’t get much heat is ridiculously idiotic. 

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2 minutes ago, tannerall said:

Why don't you just post the source instead of teasing and dragging it out. 

My instinct is there is some truth, but nothing to justify folk posting on here without a source.

As other folk say taigs love that sort of baiting so would perhaps it would be better if you put up, or shut up for now. 


53 minutes ago, Brackley Bluenose said:

I’m not one for overreactionary pish but I’d delete this post if I were you because your mate could be sacked for checking the PNC if he has nothing to do with a case he/she is investigating. Audits are commonplace. 

I've got my reasons for not saying my source 👍

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16 minutes ago, eskbankloyal said:

It is true & the named players are correct. 


Kept quiet till now. Fucking arseholes deserve instant dismissal. Over privileged wankers not realising how lucky they have it or how many supporters have been able to get some little enjoyment out of the last year when people are losing loved ones or their jobs etc

I don't care if they're good players or not. They think they can jeopardise this season especially after what's happened previously? Get them out, no apologies just sacked

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