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James McClean: FAI offers Republic of Ireland winger support over social media threats

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20 hours ago, coopsleftboot said:

Perhaps the fuckwit should try going to the Middle East and play, see how he gets on there disrespecting traditions.  

Not condoning death threats, but if you go somewhere, take their money and throw their heritage and respect back in their face, guess what?   Fly with the craws and all that. 

Imagine if he had done something like that in Turkey or a Balkan country? 

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10 minutes ago, Prso's headband said:

Absolutely stinking the amount of media coverage this is getting. Jim White was on talksport saying it was disgusting the abuse he gets. 

Couldn’t believe what i was hearing. It isn’t about different views or nationality the man openly supports republican terrorism and is happy with it

Exactly mate - White Was making him out to be an angel. 

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4 hours ago, Paisley Blue Loyal said:

31 years old now, Must be getting close now to an age where he’ll almost certainly make a move to the malcontents across the city, What could go wrong Ffs

Hopefully he will have the same impact as Duffy 

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He has brought abuse onto himself with his actions, but what the fuck possesses people posting they're going to burn his (or anyone elses') house down with everyone inside?

The problem is now McClean is conflated with Rashford or any of the other dozens of black players who have had abuse online when the two aren't the same at all.

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