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Potential Invincible Centurions

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Definitely what we should be aiming for and what the players should have in their heads, I'd hate to see levels drop after the title is wrapped up. Want to give them aw as much misery as is possible

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I get it, we've pretty much done it. The misplaced arrogance and complacency was what brought together the young players for that gathering they shouldn't have had. We can't allow any slacking off of standards. Covid is still lurking and so this season of all seasons is one to keep the cigars in the box until its mathematically won.

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40 minutes ago, beararse said:

What a fucking season this is turning out to be! 

Dominant domestically and (to date) in Europe.

celtic in free fall.

AND we can potential to seal the League on the 6th March with the first leg of last 16 of the EL played on the 11 March AND there are no Scottish Cup fixtures scheduled at present: the polar opposite of the 2007/08 season.

Provided we put Royal Antwerp to the sword of course.

Decent draw in last 16 and hopefully we can make quarters, be big ask to go further than that but our Euro form has been superb so who knows. 

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45 minutes ago, Broxi said:

Side note, not been following in great detail, is the Scottish Cup happening this season? Saw people saying it was getting canned. 

Nothing confirmed. The authorities say they want it to happen, that it is their plan to make it happen, they just don't know how given the fixtures can't be played.


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It would be nice to break 100. Not fussed about matching 106 because, frankly, our biggest rivals haven't been artificially hamstrung for years through an illegitimate relegation to the bottom tier, so I don't see the two as comparable.

Have the taxman, governing bodies, and every other top-tier club conspire to destroy the filth for a decade - then we'll compare point totals and see who comes out on top. 

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I think we acknowledge that this team needs to play regularly to maintain our mojo. We’ve stuttered after breaks etc. It suits us mentally and physically. 

The talk of resting players is nonsense, strongest team every game every time. Right up to the last day of the season. 

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