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A just got arrested as I had flares, to be fair I wore them the the last time we won the league.

That day could just be 3 weeks away. As much as I want to 'yahoo it big time' and to celebrate it with bears, there is  just no way Plod will allow it. I know I'm going to get the 'who gives a fu

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11 minutes ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

No it won't!!!

We are only saying it as a bam up, their fucking existence revolved around it.

The very fact that we have taken it away from them at the last available moment just makes it all the better.

Were actually singing Terry Munro...

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58 minutes ago, Blue Avenger said:

Ibrox, George Square and the whole of the city gets painted red, white and blue as we take both that title and the city back and party. 

Covid is done for and so are those cunts. 

Give the city and the country something to follow. We have lived in the shadow of nationalism and republicanism for too long. Institutions infested with those cunts to the detriment of all others. 

They did their utmost to kill us off and failed. This has been a long time coming and time for pay back. 

Do not be fooled and play by their rules. It's exactly what they want to continue try and control and sully us. Over 12 years of natz rule and republican narrative that has seen us demonised for doing absolutely nothing. That time is over. We have suffered in silence too long. We find our voice and we set the narrative and bring an end to the poison that has permeated through this land. 

Our club will never die. Long live Steven Gerrard and our heroes of the hour. The great reset is underway, so let us take back our country from the republican scum that inhabit it. No longer to be sullied and silenced at the hand of the taig. Let this be the wake up call that the whole of the country needs. 

Pyro, smoke, banners, flags of the red white and blue everywhere. Loud and proud. We ARE the people and never let those cunts forget it. 



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On 06/03/2021 at 01:38, JCDBigBear said:

I care about it, don't know about you.  I want our name to be held high, not dragged down due to people putting themselves before the Club.  I want to celebrate as much as every Bear but I realise that in the current pandemic we all need to show a degree of restraint.  An attitude of "Fk them all" won't help us.   Some fans think that we can just do what we like due to our recent years of sheer misery.  That isn't the answer.    Do you think that I don't want to go nearly ballistic?   In the years I've watched Rangers, winning this league title would top a night in Barcelona in 1972 at which I was fortunate (and old enough) to attend.   I can't put into words what this trophy will mean to me.    

You can't control other people's opinions so what's the point in worrying about it? 

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