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A just got arrested as I had flares, to be fair I wore them the the last time we won the league.

That day could just be 3 weeks away. As much as I want to 'yahoo it big time' and to celebrate it with bears, there is  just no way Plod will allow it. I know I'm going to get the 'who gives a fu

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I’ve waited ten long years for this, canny wait to mark the occasion with a couple of party poppers, a glass of lemonade and a game of musical chairs, than settle in for Saturday night takeaway with Ant and Dec 

Hope none of you ruff yins drag the good name of our club down by actually celebrating this, I’ll be livid 😡

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10 hours ago, eskbankloyal said:

2 weeks away.

Only if they drop another point or it will be OF game which is actually over 4 weeks away. That said doesnt make any difference to this debate as we will still be in lockdown whenever we win it. We should stay at home and then take the moral high ground but realistically that won't happen. 

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2 minutes ago, plumbGER said:

Wee cup of tea and a packet of jaffa cakes then tune in to the news to watch our fans shame the club.

Not much was said when Liverpool or Leeds won their respective leagues last year but it's guaranteed we will be slaughtered for our celebrations in this shitehole.

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