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A just got arrested as I had flares, to be fair I wore them the the last time we won the league.

That day could just be 3 weeks away. As much as I want to 'yahoo it big time' and to celebrate it with bears, there is  just no way Plod will allow it. I know I'm going to get the 'who gives a fu

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2 hours ago, Bad Robot said:

I’m going to jinx it here but what happens if we win it on a day we’re not  playing which I think will be the Sunday after St Mirren 

The Tims won’t believe we have won it then as no match day evidence and they will probably think they can still do the 10 :mutley:

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18 hours ago, MattyBlue said:

Reckon trophy day will be a bit more lenient with police with it being so close towards to the end of the lockdown and there being at least some restrictions by then?

tried to google it but couldn’t find much info on how many fines where dished out at Liverpool’s title celebrations

Key difference is we are in the land of wee nippy and her band of stormtroopers.



Will be seen as an opportunity to fill the separatist state coffers for the once in a generation referendum (or as often as it takes to they get the result they crave).

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1 minute ago, Sket said:

Some amount of absolute fucking shitebags in our support.


Oh the police will fine us.


Oh the papers will print nasty words about us. 


Oh Chris McLaughlan,oh the BBC.



Fuck up man.

Get the Prince of Orange FB tuned up and ready to go!

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