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Sad to see any manager losing his job but I'm sure there are loads of top clubs out there desperate to capture a man with his cutting edge coaching skills with the level headed calm demeanor he brings

And so the house of cards continues to collapse. 

A man who sat and laughed and slagged us on tv with Sutton when we hired Gerrard. Now Gerrard has stopped the 10, resigned Lawell and made piano teeth shite it before watching us return to the summit

Posted Images

What happened?? 

edit: popcorn jaws is skulking off in the middle of the night like the rat he is.

was looking forward to us knocking fuck out them with him in charge. “broony” can’t handle it so storms out and now Lennon is off cause he can’t handle it.

king nailed it with the pack of cards comment. cheerio 10 in a row. cheerio Lawell! Cheerio Lennon! 



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5 hours ago, theblueoysterbar said:

Kind of wished he would have stuck around for a while more.

BBC article is saying hardman Broon is up for a coaching job now :lol: 

Doesn't  he realise how difficult it will be to elbow opposition players in the face from the technical area? Only way he knows how to influence a game. 

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