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TLB speaks on Gerrard

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9 hours ago, eejay the dj said:

It isn't but he clearly is in awe of SG . I also put it down, to him having only a few meltdowns , rather than his usual loads of them, throughout a losing season .:sarcasm:

Hopefully someone can make a big compilation of popcorn teeths finest meltdowns now that he's gone 😅

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23 minutes ago, Colin Traive said:

More likely to say “nein”, imo

You think? He could win European medals or even a world cup with the current German squad. That must be a massive pull for a German manager who is probably in his peak at the moment. 

Wouldn't ever be short on job offers after he has had a couple of campaigns with Germany. I could definitely see Klopp taking that job if offered it. 

Dunno if Gerrard would take the Liverpool job...yet. No doubt he will end up there if he continues on the curve of the management line he is in on his career at the moment.  I'm not sure, in fact I'm pretty sure Gerrard thinks he still has a lot to learn and that is the only thing that I can see Herrard saying no yo Liverpool. But if Liverpool do come in for him, I could see his heart beating his head in the "should I, shouldn't I?" Battle in his head... hopefully we get him to stay for next year at the very least. Would be a shame to see him leave after winning just a single trophy. 

Unless we do the unthinkable and win the Europa league too...

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