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*** Quick! Get your Retro Rangers T-Shirts now - Limited Shelf Life!!! ***

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Quick! Get your Retro Rangers T-Shirts now - Limited Shelf Life!!!




You've probably forgotten all about these Rangers Lotto charity t-shirts which we bought from Rangers Youth Development Company back in the day.  We did too.

Turns out we still had a box of 20 t-shirts stashed away and long forgotten.

Now they're found, and so we now need to sell these t-shirts quickly before it's too late!

If you want one (or more), PM me @Zetland now!!   £7 each (plus £1 postage).

Only 20 left, so you'd better be quick!

All proceeds from these t-shirt sales will buy Rangers Lotto tickets from Rangers Youth Development Company for Erskine Veterans Care Homes.  Our Veterans love a wee bit of Lotto, and they love supporting Rangers too.

54 T-Shirt
(Guaranteed at least 1 week's wear before it becomes obsolete.  Then it becomes a priceless piece of our history.)


Available sizes:
Small - 2 left
Medium - 1 left
Large - 1 left
Extra Large - 2 left
XX Large - 2 left
XXX Large - 1 left

100% Loyal T-Shirt
(This will never go out of date.)

Available sizes:
Small - 4
Medium - 2
Extra Large - 4

Made In Glasgow Since 1872 T-Shirt
Only one t-shirt left - size Medium.



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