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1 minute ago, KeyserSoze said:

Why are we not contesting that it wasn’t simulation? Reading our reasoning there, it looks like we’re saying it was “wrongful caution for simulation” 



I think it’s just wording tbh as we’re responding to the charge 

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It takes 6 weeks to deal with Hearts manager for misconduct on the pitch, yet just 2 days to deal with Gerrard for a similar offence.

All we ask for is fair play for all - once again it doesn't look like it from where I'm sitting. Fuck the SFA.

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3 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

If he gets 55 at the piggery....

To be clear that wasn't a dig at you. Just the general shite we've seen here for years. But it's irrelevant now.  I shouldn't have even briyhy it up today 👏🇬🇧😂

1 minute ago, DBBTB said:

To officially win us the league....

Him scoring there would be icing on cake tbf

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