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4 hours ago, glasgow argyle said:

V hibs was the worst refereeing I've seen in over 60 years following Rangers 

Was that the one where Ryan Jack got sent off even though stoke had his hand around his neck? Or was that clany?

The level of officials is actually depressing tbh, and its something teams can work into a tactic too

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Won't stop the party you rancid bheast fuckers.  Your horrific past will catch up with you while we bask in glory.  Bow to yer fucking masters ya immigrant toads 

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4 hours ago, TamCoopz said:

But Gerrard already made the point that they were in different stands so he might not have had the opportunity to go to whatever part of the stadium the refs were in 

Stevie G seemed to be quite calm when he approached him,but i think the fact he originally blanked him,then just dismissed him made him look an arrogant bastard.
Growing up in a council estate among working class people has the exact same effect on me.
Sort of reminded me of that prick dougie smith when he booked gazza for showing him the red card.
worked beside the prick and he really was an arrogant smarmy bastard,who could have done with a humour bypass. 

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37 minutes ago, scottyscott1963 said:

Sorry mate.
Got excited.
Should've mentioned it was a dive,but was trying to explain that the sending of was meaningless in the 93rd minute :thumbsup:

He was waiting for the contact but it never came but yes totally meaningless for that game but I’m sure we did lose him for most of January when we lost to hearts and AM being match fit may have made the difference 

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