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Poll : Win it as soon as possible, or win it at the Theatre of Screams?

Win it as soon as possible, or win it at the Theatre of Screams?  

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  1. 1. When would you prefer to win it?

    • As soon as possible
    • Win it at the Theatre of Screams

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As soon as possible, for selfish reasons. I’m still trying to get my head round being diagnosed with cancer out of the blue and I’m going in for surgery this month. I want to go in there knowing 55 is

Swagger up as champions and enjoy ourselves. 

My nerves wouldn’t hold up if we were going there for the win

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2 minutes ago, mark1963 said:

As soon as possible ,strong team at Parkhead then concentrate on Europe then Scottish Cup by conserving injuries in the league ,also a chance to give fringe players medals too.

Especially Jon Mcglauglin mate, Think he might be a few games away from a medal but done fuck all wrong that I can remember when he has played. 

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As soon as possible. They'll be incredibly motivated to stop us winning it there again and the nerves going into that game would be sky high.

Luckily this is Celtic we're talking about. Them throwing the game on Sunday would be the most Celtic thing imaginable. Then we can go as Champions - they'd fucking hate that almost as much.

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Until full time tonight, don’t care what anyone said at parkhead.  Full time tonight and it made me realise how close it is and now I don’t want to wait a fort night, and fuck knows how much longer if we get beat there.   

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