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Poll : Win it as soon as possible, or win it at the Theatre of Screams?

Win it as soon as possible, or win it at the Theatre of Screams?  

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  1. 1. When would you prefer to win it?

    • As soon as possible
    • Win it at the Theatre of Screams

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Just now, Bad Robot said:

😂😂 is it on Sunday if we win Saturday and they drop points and if so where ? 🤣

as much as I hope we win it this weekend it would be good to do it when the players are playing in Glasgow so we can turn up to cheer them leaving a stadium 

I dono , me and my da gon a walk on Sunday and if they get beat go past to see if anybody there , murder this 😂

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As soon as possible, for selfish reasons. I’m still trying to get my head round being diagnosed with cancer out of the blue and I’m going in for surgery this month. I want to go in there knowing 55 is

Swagger up as champions and enjoy ourselves. 

My nerves wouldn’t hold up if we were going there for the win

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11 hours ago, JackAlex93 said:

Seeing that kind of stuff from them is what will make 55 even sweeter for us.

Fuck them all!


I can't comprehend this shit. It's the kind of dehumanising mentality that leads to things like Hillsborough. 

I hate their club but I certainly don't feel this way towards Celtic fans and I pity them for feeling that way towards us. Weirdos.

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I don't care if we win it at the weekend or at their ground.

But the only thing I would really rather see is us winning it on the park, rather than sitting at home and them dropping points. 

Think it would be miles better to watch the team win it in a game they actually played and got to enjoy it on the pitch. Which just now means doing it in the Old Firm. 

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I actually didn't care much where we won it as long as we won it, but look at the comments under this tweet. They are actively willing there team to lose to dundee because they can't take the thought of us officially killing the 10 and lifting 55 in their own place. I'll certainly not be unhappy to win it as soon as but winning it at that dump is something we can hold over them forever, it will be the ultimate kick in the teeth for them and sweetest cherry on top for us. Waiting 10 years for this, willing to wait a few weeks more. 


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42 minutes ago, Kaydubya11 said:

I hope we fucking hammer those bastards in the remaining league fixtures 4 or 5 nil. And remain unbeaten in the league all season. And win the Europa league is that asking for too much ? 

To be honest, the undefeated thing is the cherry on the cake for me. Doesn't mean all that much to me and won't be overly fussed if we lose a game.

Winning the title was the only thing that mattered this season.

Being pumped out of Europe in the qualifiers and both cups in the first round and winning the title by a deflected offside goal winning the league by a single goal difference would have been a massive success.

We are beyond a successful season now, so anything else is just a bonus.

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