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One game ban for Gerrard

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Worth it to show up that prick Beaton.

Should never have come to this but glad he is in the dug out for OF game. Punished because Beaton can't do his job. Where is Beaton's punishment?

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1 minute ago, SuperLeeMcCulloch said:

Sure I just heard on the radio if we appeal the hearing will be on the 25th of March so I assume would be fine for the next 2 matches? 

I wouldn't trust the cunt's as soon as Monday comes they would fast rack the appeal..

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I'd say this is the best outcome - take one match and be in the dugout for the fhilth or fight it on the 25th and be in the dugout both tomorrow and at the fhilth. Fair play to the beaks, they could've tried to take the enjoyment away from Steven out of spite and instead they've given him options. I'm satisfied.

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Assume this was fast tracked.

Read an article yesterday that said Neilsen (Hearts) and another (can't remember who) had to wait two months before their case was heard after a red card from Beaton.

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Can't see us appealing it to be honest. No chance it'd be overturned but as someone pointed out where is Beaton's punishment?

We can't win the title Saturday but every game after that is a potential title winner (unless of course the filth slip up Sunday) so I don't think we'll risk Gerrard not being in the dugout for the crowning moment.

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