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Still the best Good Evening of the night.  

They’d have won a European trophy tonight wae mcgregor in goals.  People can laugh all they want at that comment but it’s a fact. 

McGregor > De Gea

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22 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

United are the the luckiest side about.

Roma three injuries first half, one the keeper whos sold 2 goals. Best player went off.

Shambles of a penalty.

Hope Villarreal/Arsenal beat them in the final.

man utd are a certainty to win that now  villareal or arsenal could not live with them  dont get me wrong i am not a man utd fan but they are a far better team than these 2 

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1 minute ago, bluenoz said:

I know this has probably be asked/answered a hundred times but...

Do England get 5 teams in Champions league if Man U win the Europa (I'm thinking not)??

I'm sure someone can clarify.

Only if they finish outside the top 4

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Former Arsenal and Germany keeper Jens Lehmann has been sacked from his role on Hertha Berlin's board after sending a Whatsapp message to pundit Dennis Aogo calling him a "quota black guy".

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