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It’s heartbreaking to think about those of us no longer with us to celebrate 55.

I’m in my mid 50’s and lost two of my mates recently I grew up with. One three years ago & one five years ago. Both Rangers men through and through. They will never know 55 and how special it will be. The journey to hell and back. Rangers champions again.

I think it’s important at this time we also all take time out to remember those no longer with us to celebrate our 55th title and how special it’s going to be 


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12 hours ago, Moody Blue Legend said:

Edmiston Drive, we only gone and did it mate.  Rest easy Tam.  

That was a shock for me. I was in hospital at the time never found out until I got out. We grew up together in Kinning Park he lived a few doors down from me, we went to the same school. The crazy thing is we only got to know each other because of RM. He was a few years older than me. Top man and a real character. Sadly missed. 

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My father passed away 2014. I miss him every day. He was a diehard Rangers man and like him and my grandpa I became obsessed with the club.

I'll never forget my first game. I was nine. The feeling I got when I walked into Ibrox was unreal. I still get the same feeling every time I go back.

When we do officially become champions, my father and my grandpa will be the first ones I'll think of. 

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1 hour ago, Canabear said:



Really could not disagree with a word of that.

I share his belief about the significance of this title. I’m older than David Edgar and I have no doubt that this is the most important league title in my lifetime.

His comments about loved ones who weren’t able to make it all the way was spot on too. We must reflect on that and enjoy on their behalf.

Outstanding podcast, well done DE.

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