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Who else is in some nick

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1 minute ago, Basement_Goof said:

Beers n tears lad, beers n tears! Magic!

Absolutely mate. My mrs was raging and said that I didn’t cry when the 2 weans were born. Of course my kids mean the world to me and I didn’t cry. But this is a different  type of emotion and I wept like a wee lassie the day. 

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7 minutes ago, The Godfather said:


Sat watching the end of the game the day at my maws as the kids wanted to see her and I saw my old neighbours and guys round that street out with the flags, fireworks, balloons the lot and just broke down. Nostalgic as fuck, was still loving there last time we did it and was out with them again the day celebrating like fuck. 10 fucking years of it... That feeling I had almost forgotton its been that long, its the best drug in the world. 

This club man, it's magical. 


Excellent brother! Enjoy. Our club really is the best club in the world! 

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Just now, Malkster said:

Anybody else got a problem with that damned Sahara dust?

ma eyes are nippin

I stuck the second half of ssb on there and there was a bear welling up talking about Sandy jardine and fernando and that was me again, that darn Sahara dust 

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I did all my partying last night, had to do a bit of diy this afternoon or I was in the doghouse. Now sitting down to a quieter couple of single malts and savouring the football that's just started.

What a feeling, it feels like being back, like it was 10-15 years ago

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8 minutes ago, Willis said:

I don't get off work for 6 hours but half tempted to get a wee half bottle on my break, been playing the tunes in work and dancing avout all morning

Ave still got another 90 mins to go before I can get home, gonna be a long 90 mins for me

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I'm pished and working tomorrow morning so needing to calm it down. Was driving about town earlier with the orange tunes on with windows down before I had a bevy. Watching sportscene just now to see the tears 😂

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