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1 hour ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Cracking documentary. Interesting that in a lot of interviews this has been mentioned in relation to this season. Defoe talked about it's inspiration and Goldson has come out and echoed that.

“The new boys here don’t understand the pain that we’ve been through for the last three years – Tav four or five years – it’s been really painful,” said the centre-back. “Cups, leagues, everything, it’s been horrible” [RangersTV].

The focus we needed for this season – we called it the last dance – and it’s lived up to it.”

For me this just sums up how the players reacted to this season and it's great to see how much it means to them.

This season was more than a title.

Heard that and loved hearing it tbh. Easy to see how that doc and just Jordan in general could give you that motivation

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15 minutes ago, plymouthranger said:

I hope the likes of Goldson, Kent etc don’t see it as that and want to stay on next season for a crack at the CL. 

I thought the same, but I believe they mean the elite mentality. I'll be happy when a few of our players sign new contracts at the end of the season.

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I hope we get our own last dance by RTV.

It would really have to take into account the three years we've had under Gerrard. All the small milestones, improvements, big defeats just all of it and how it led to 55.

There are so many stories to tell within the squad that there is plenty of content. Tav being with us for so long, Barisic's rough start, Goldson has a pretty unique story, McGregor and Davis coming back, Alfredo could have his own 10 parter and that's just scratching the surface. 

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Not really interested in basketball, but it is indeed a smashing documentary. Never seen anything highlight the importance psychology in sport better.

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