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Who is your player of the season?  

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  1. 1. Who is your player of the season

    • McGregor
    • Tavernier
    • Goldson
    • Helander
    • Barisic
    • Balogun
    • Kamara
    • Davis
    • Jack
    • Aribo
    • Arfield
    • Hagi
    • Morelos
    • Kent
    • Roofe

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Edit. Poll now closed. Almost 400 votes cast and by a baw hair, Mr consistency himself, Connor Goldson, has won by 2 votes. It's been impossible to choose. Anyone from Tav, McGregor, Davis and obviously Goldson would have been worthy winners. Congrats to Connor....(I know he's not gonna read this :lol: but anyway....) thank you for the massive part you have played in our glorious season. It's been a joy to watch you all season, and here's hoping next season is even better. 


Tav was in second place. Quite where we would have been without his goals and assists is not worth thinking about, so it's a surprise he didn't win. Captain Fantastic!! 


3rd place goes to McGregor. Would be interesting to know how many points he won us this season. At the tender age of 39, it kinda defies logic that he has had such an incredible season.....arguably his most consistent! Certainly pulled out some jaw dropping saves for us! 


4th place went to Steve Davis. Again, at his age, he really shouldn't be putting in displays like he has been. Gelled our midfield at a crucial time of the season too. Again, would have been a worthy winner! 


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Goldson then, Goldson now, Goldson forever.

McGregor for me. Most consistent top drawer performances across the whole season.

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Voted Goldson. Tough decision though.

Would have been Tav if his form had continued 2nd half of season, and barring injury. McGregor and Davis were close also. 

Goldson gets it for minutes played, his consistency in a defence that's conceded so few goals, and his leadership aswell. 

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It's between Tav and Goldson.

Tav's first half of the season should have put him out of sight, but Goldson is finishing stronger and form around the end of the season at voting time always has that little bit more weight.

Still think Tav edges it for me.

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Thought it would be Tav most of the way through the season, but changed my mind and gone for Mcgregor. Some of the saves he’s pulled off have been unbelievable, and there’s no doubt in my mind without him in goal the league wouldn’t yet be over and it would be a lot closer. He’s won us points on his own, and done it consistently aswell, although there’s many contenders I don’t think any have had his impact.

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Glad to see most folk thinking along the same lines as me. 

McGregor. Most of the season he's not had a lot to do, but has made crucial saves at exactly the right times winning us crucial points.

Goldson. Has played every minute of every game.....has been solid and the bedrock of our cast iron defence. Also chipped in with a fair few goals.

Tav. Blistering start to the season and was the leagues top scorer. Has almost as many assists as goals. Although he's struggled to maintain that early season form, he's still been an invaluable part of our defence. 

Those are my top 3, but also mentions to Barisic, Davis, Kamara and Morelos. Although they've not been as consistent, some of their play has been phenomenal. Tough decision for once!!!

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3 minutes ago, 6superbarry6 said:

It’s 100% Tav ffs 

Goldson has played every minute of every game, in a record breaking defensive season. Has also chipped in with big goals. 

Tav was on fire first half of the season, but didn’t quite keep it going (not that anyone could really) and then picked up an injury. 

Don’t think it’s as cut and dry as 100% Tav. 

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I voted Davis. I think he changed the base of our midfield when he was introduced after some conservative performances with Jack and Kamara together. 

Defensively he was solid in midfield. I think I read that he was our top midfielder in terms of tackles and interceptions. Either way he was great when defending and was just as good when we had the ball. He really controlled games in midfield at times and was always the one deeper trying to pick out a pass. 

I also think without his experience and know how in games we wouldn't have such a great record. It's hard to tell whether it's his football ability we'll miss more or his pure experience and leadership whe he leaves us.

My opinion but see tbh there is a case you could make for 6 or 7 players quite easily. 

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