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*****The Official Tarriers Vs Champions Match Thread*****

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The last time they beat us Corona was just a drink.

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6 minutes ago, crabbit247 said:

I got 13/5 Rangers win and over 1.5 goals. Thats the gambling done.

Breakfast next.

Fuck this game being "meaningless" . My arse!

Hope we batter these cunts the day. Fuck them

Feel the same today as I do any other old firm game. Nothing is meaningless against these bastards! Hope we humiliate them!

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9 minutes ago, esquire8 said:

Just heard Andy Walker say this is the biggest game of the season......

Someone want to inform this "pundit" a bit better? :lol:

It is for them. This is all they have left of their league season, try and stop us going unbeaten. 

Hope we go out there and fucking finish them today. Just roll right over the top of them and win about 7 nil 

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On 19/03/2021 at 18:02, GOAT said:

New screen delivered the day, were nearly set for Sunday just need the bus flag and that put up and we’re ready.  Looks like a forensic tent or ive got a grow house 🤣🤣










I've got the same wee log burner as you.

That's FSM got your location now due to photo recognition of the houses behind.

Apart from that i hope your whole area is disturbed with unadulterated glorious triumphant bigotry.

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I know people think we’re gonna batter them and I really really hope we do, but they gave us problems at Ibrox until they went down to 10.

I am expecting us to win, but not as easy as some people are making it out to be, however I do want it to end celtic 0-6 Rangers.

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