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Kick Slavia out and put Arsenal into semis - Kris Boyd

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13 hours ago, Brian Fantana said:

I see it being player ban for 5 matches, club fined and told to say more about their disgust at racism then all forgotten about and UEFA move on.

UEFA won't want this dragged out and will advise those cunts to accept it and leave us with nothing, not even an apology from the racist or the club.

On a straight player racism charge I would agree with that punishment.

But the actions of the club after the game with their deflection statements dragged them right into the race issue .A mere fine and a slap on the wrist is not enough .Throw them out .If that sanction isn’t possible then a year ban from Europe would be a deterrent to any club using similar tactics of deflection in future and make a statement that football won’t tolerate racism anymore .


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Because we are not celtic and were beaten fair and square on the pitch. We’ve no right to benefit, but they must be punished 


Fine them and throw them the fuck out the competition ,, if it was just the player I would say go after him alone.  However the deflection attempts from their club and chairman amounts to the same imo and is disgusting ,, never mind their fans,, plus they have previous just ask Lukaku.

Take a stand UEFA and show that as you like to promote kick them and Racism out out the game.

If we are made to play Arsenal tho,,,, we kick the ball about and let them score.  Let them go through as UEFA will never give a team a free pass into a Semi and it will show everyone watching on that we stand more for equality than worrying about Football.  


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