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Slavia release a third statement

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More reads like the start of a backtrack to me.

Their fans have actually managed to make them look even more guilty. Nobody has backed them up whilst Kamara has received universal support.  They know that he is guilty and they have fucked it.

Your players are diving bastards, screaming like wee lassies when they get touched, would love to see them travel over to the faroes and see them all hospitalised due to not being able to handle the w

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The Uk has been far from perfect historically but I’m glad that we are now a country that doesn’t tolerate or protect people that behave like this. No way would any of our home FAs behave like the Czech FA have done protecting him like that. Any player accused here would be dropped/suspended and investigated. This guy has to face the consequences of what he’s said. 

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Never actually properly disliked another team apart from the tarriers but this slavia team are something else.

Hope Arsenal put them out and we get them in the champions league qualifiers and humiliate them.

Come across as a really horrible club and bizarre that player has refused to travel got guilt written all over them.

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6 hours ago, esquire8 said:

He is adamant he said "You're a fucking guy". If that is the case then why is he admitting he grossly insulted Kamara?

Their story in unraveling. Only a matter of time before he is thrown out the game and the club is thrown out of europe.

My first thoughts as well.

He knows that he is guilty and is shitting himself. Would laugh like fuck if the police decide to interview him over there.

I highly doubt that criminal charges would have been brought if they had not tried to act like smart arses and get the ball rolling. They have no one to blame but themselves and their desperate attempt to defend the indefensible. 

Big mouth tiny balls the lot of them.

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8 hours ago, esquire8 said:

He is adamant he said "You're a fucking guy". If that is the case then why is he admitting he grossly insulted Kamara?

Their story in unraveling. Only a matter of time before he is thrown out the game and the club is thrown out of europe.

Aye his arse is collapsing 

The guys changed story and lied so many times now I don't see why anyone would believe a word that comes out of his cunt mouth anyway

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I think we are up to 5 - at least 4 statement.

Latest one claims the Czech Embassy in London called Scotland Yard to call Glesga Polis to provide protection. 

There is also the possibility that they are claiming one of our players called Stanciu a Gypsy. 

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CZECH ambassador to the UK, Libor Secka, has revealed Rangers' explosive tie with Slavia Prague escalated so much he had to contact Scotland Yard to get their Glasgow colleagues to offer protection for the visiting team.

Rangers' Last 16 Europa League exit has dominated the headlines for over a week now since racism allegations were levelled at Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela after he confronted Glen Kamara on the pitch.

And the after-match meeting 50 minutes after the full time whistle saw more allegations of attacks.

UEFA immediately launched a probe and Police Scotland are also investigating the incidents, after Slavia's 2-0 win sent them into the quarter-finals.

Slavia claimed to be so worried about the situation that they asked for police protection to get out of Ibrox and called their ambassador to the UK for help.

And London-based Secka has revealed he had to phone Scotland Yard to get the Met Police to make contact with their counterparts in Glasgow.

He said: "I watched the match and it was a very tense game. Then after that incident, I had a strong feeling something was going to happen.

"We provide a consular service and when our citizens turn to us, we try to find solutions for them.

"The Slavia Prague party called me because they felt threatened. We discussed everything and I found out what the situation was.

"We decided to contact the police here and ask them for increased protection. The London headquarters then contacted the Scots, who got in touch with us and assured us they had the situation under control and the team would get to the hotel safely. Communication with the police was very good.

"People from Slavia mentioned the incidents, but my concern at the time was not to investigate that, just to provide them with protection. I can't comment on what happened at the stadium, I wasn't there and it wouldn't be objective.
"We assisted Slavia until their departure and gave them contacts with the Scottish Police for their criminal complaint.

"I am very sad all this has happened. I have understood sport all my life as a means of connecting people and when the opposite happens, it bothers me terribly and it hurts.

"Thanks to Tomas Soucek and Vladimír Coufal in West Ham, a very good atmosphere for the cooperation of Czech and British football had developed. And it was suddenly in danger. I felt a huge disappointment from that.

"Once UEFA makes their decision, further steps will follow. Of course, I have an opinion because I am a Czech football fan too, but my job is not to strengthen any negative emotions, I have to look for ways to get out of it. It's a series of steps to ease tensions and put everything on a rational basis."

And Secka is convinced there will be no ramifications for the Czechs who play Scotland in the opening game of Euro 2020 this summer.

He pointed out: "When I look at social media, it exaggerates everything and you get the feeling we are at war with Great Britain! That is simply not true.

"I don't see this summer as a cause for concern. It is a European Championship, a prestigious event. I believe that it will be secured in all respects by the organisers and it will not take place until June.

"Additionally, there will be elections in Scotland in May, the country is undergoing a dynamic political process, the Scots are concentrating on completely different things than just football. I don't think the atmosphere will be disturbed in any way."

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