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3 hours ago, Blue Nosed Babe said:

Verstappen got 10 second penalty from stewards. Judged to have been predominantely at fault for collision due to slowing significantly.

Bit useless since he stays 2nd. The punishment should actually have meaningful consequences when any driver breaks the rules.

Sane could be said for changing engine penalties, 5 grid places is not enough when the top cars are so far ahead of the pack.

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1 hour ago, McEwan's Lager said:

The crash was very weird. AMG claimed after the race they didn't know Verstappen was ceding his place, but on the comms during the race I'm sure they mentioned to Lewis that he had been told to cede by RB? I could be misremembering things.

I think they told him the second time after the crash 

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Honestly can’t work out if Max starting in the soft tyre is going to be an advantage or not. Obviously with Lewis next to him on the front row it will help him get away quicker and keep the lead, but he needs to build a big gap before pitting early.

Think Perez also on the soft could be massive, with him directly behind Lewis. If he can use the faster tyre to get ahead he could do a job for his team mate holding Lewis up.

Cant bloody wait for this one tomorrow, going to be a cracker!

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25 minutes ago, Creampuff said:

Trying to watch this and the Rangers game at the same time :lol:

Even wanting Hamilton to win, I’ve some sympathy for Max for that turn 4 incident.

I think Max’s antics this season have come back to bite him a bit there. Had he raced fairly and safely all season the stewards would have probably had a look. With his actions recently though it just looked like another lunge without a care if he took Lewis out or not, and Lewis had to take action to avoid a certain collision.

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