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11 hours ago, Monkey Butler said:

Bottas is having a stinker this season, fuelling rumours he's about to be replaced by George Russell.

He's had two horrible races at Imola and Baku. Then his pace hasn't helped Hamilton this year like Perez's pace helped Verstappen yesterday.

I think Bottas over one lap is superb but his race pace is nothing better than average and that's what might lose them the Constructors. I can't remember the last time Bottas made a meaningful pass in a race.

A mid season move to bring Russell in might be best as it wouldn't put Hamilton's nose out of joint. Going into 2022 , if Hamilton continues, things could get very interesting politically if they end up going with Hamilton and Russell.

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35 minutes ago, Monkey Butler said:

That was a cracking race. Huge gamble from Red Bull with that second stop but it worked a treat. Always great to see Hamilton lose.

Yeah I think after Spain they realised they cant really get away with one stops up against the Mercs. Superb drive from Verstappen and Perez.

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13 hours ago, Monkey Butler said:

Watched it on catch up. Bit of a dull affair in all honesty, Verstappen was never in any danger of being caught. Thought Perez might have given us some excitement at the end by challenging Bottas for 3rd place after his second stop, but that was a damp squib as well.

Yeah it wasn't the most exciting race but certainly a big big day in the Championship.

Max being in such control and Toto basically admitting for the first time in 8 years they feel behind.

As much as I'm happy to see someone else but Mercedes win another Championship I really don't want Red Bull to run away with it. It would be so nice to be going into the Abu Dhabi race with the chance of Verstappen or Hamilton winning the title.

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7 hours ago, Rangers_no1 said:

F1 implementing a new format mid season is embarrassing.

They've not though. It was implemented before  the season and earmarked for this date. I'm glad they're trying new things.

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12 hours ago, ger4life_1872 said:

It's interesting to see how it goes etc but having extra points available with it doesn't seem right 

Everyone knew  they would be available at the start of the season so don't see an issue.  I just hope drivers  don't play it too safe worrying about potentially crashing out and starting from the back in Sunday's race. If they race properly it could be epic.

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8 minutes ago, TheBluebells said:

Going to Silverstone tomorrow for the race, first time I've been so hoping it'll be a good race. 

Also, be amazing to see crowds and have some normality again. 

Went there once, bored solid. Much better on TV.

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