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Disgusted to read that about Katic. Let’s hope he doesn’t get drug tested.

We missed Jack massively in both games against Slavia Prague.

Never post on here but felt the need to call this out as a complete ridiculous statement.

1 hour ago, The Dude said:

Getting very close to the point where its time to get rid tbh. 

Its a shame , but I think you could be right . It seems to be 2 months on , 1 month off and its difficult to get a bit of continuity with that .

He's ideal for European games and the more difficult domestic games where we have to be more careful , and its so disheartening that when they come up he is often unavailable . 

With a bit of luck they'll find out what the problem is , but i fear the worst which would be a pity as he's one of our top performers.  

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There is clearly an underlying issue and the club are right to get expert help. Patchwork solution up to now can’t go on.

Ideally, specialist diagnosis, treatment/surgery sorts it, he rests until pre-season and back in his place for next season.

Absolutely no way he should be anywhere near the Euros.

If he’s fit, he plays. It’s that simple.

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38 minutes ago, Jeffrey said:

What would we get for Jack if we sold him?

He'll be staying and rightfully so.

Probably a fraction of what we should. Not many teams are going to want to risk spending big money on a player who has a dodgy knee that has to be managed very carefully, and that’s before you even start thinking about the list of other injuries that he has.

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Disappointing news for the player, emphasises the need to get Kamara new contract agreed.

Midfield has to be the priority for next season due to age, injuries etc.

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2 hours ago, esquire8 said:


Getting more concerned that Jack won't be back playing for us again. Massive shame as he was playing the best in his career under Gerrard. 

Pity about Jack, we're not as good a team when he's not playing but at least he is now seeing a specialist.  Hopefully that will get to the bottom of his problem. 

Anyone remember that Dr Steadman (I think it was) was a cruciate ligament specialist. 

Anyone know if he's still practicing? He seemed to be the best in the world at getting players with reoccurring injuries sorted.

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2 hours ago, The Dude said:

Getting very close to the point where its time to get rid tbh. 

Starting to make Kevin Thomson seem like a ever present. 

Gutted but I'd sell now problem is I don't know at what price or who'd buy looking at his injury record. 

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Jack is now 29, he has injury issues, it's pretty obvious clubs would not bid high for him.

It's more likely he will stay with us for at least another 2 seasons and then go to a lesser club in Scotland after us. Doubt he is on a very high wage so unless there is a crazy offer which I can't see, he ain't going anywhere. However, we must sign a Zungu replacement and have another midfielder ready in case Jack is injured a lot next season.

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