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5 minutes ago, Billy Walsh said:




People who actively care about the Royal family should be put on some sort of nonce watchlist.

99.9% of people watching the Scottish cup don't care about the funeral, 100% of people attending the funeral don't car about the Scottish Cup. There is no reason for the game not to go ahead. Why would it be disrespectful for it to be played ? No one in the Royal Family will be sitting fuming that there is a football game being played.

Get yourself to fk

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There’s a new generation of fans who are so concerned that their Rangers-hating pals will call them Tories at Uni that they try to deny the club’s actual heritage and identity You see it constant

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Well Rangers as a club do give a fuck about the Royal Family and I'm sure they'll ensure that respect is paid in the appropriate way.  

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3 minutes ago, Ger_onimo said:

Personal opinions on the monarchy are irrelevant tbh. He was the husband of our head of state and his funeral is nationally important. There’s no way any high profile sporting events are going to clash with it.

If it was the Queen then i would agree with it being moved but its not. I'm not surprised at it possibly being moved but there's nothing that will convince me that it should be, there is no need for it at all in my eyes. 

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