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Michael Stewart Banned From Ibrox?

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Or he has a tremendous Protestant work ethic. 

The guy should be banned sine die. Cancerous cretin of a man and his input is dreadful more often than not, the Kamara incident is the straw the broke the camels back. Get him to fuck out of

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2 hours ago, The Hammer 11 said:

Without trying to back away from the issues, I’m slightly uncomfortable with going full steam ahead when we don’t know definitively what’s happened,” said Stewart [Scottish Football Podcast 19/03/21]

“UEFA have to have an investigation, we’re proceeding on the assumption that there was a racial incident.

“I know it’s allegations, but we assume that this has happened last night.

“Earlier the season there was an incident up at Victoria Park, and they were being hung, drawn and quartered before we actually knew what was going on.

“It’s a serious point in that we have to allow the process to carry itself out before we reach the conclusion.

“IF it transpires that something racist was said to Glen Kamara, then 100%, it is outrageous, just equally outrageous as any other discriminatory comments being thrown out there.

“I’m just slightly uncomfortable and uneasy with proceeding ahead with one side saying it didn’t happen, one side saying it has happened.

“We need to allow UEFA to proceed, and the difficulty is that when it’s like that, how do we form a definitive answer?

“It looks suspicious, and your instinct is to say he’s racially abused Kamara, but I’m slightly uneasy with proceeding ahead before UEFA come to a conclusion.”


Even if you run with the innocent until proven guilty theory that he alludes despite the evidence,  we all know that UEFA will say there is insufficient evidence. 

When it comes to rascism you could tattoo a  swastika on every one of their foreheads whilst they slept and they would still deny there was a problem. UEFA ignore it because they think their organisation is untouchable and see rascism as people getting carried away in the heat of the moment.

Get fined more for setting off smoke bombs  in a stadium than rascism. 

That is what Glen and every player of colour is up against. Institutianalised rascism or self protectionism? Both horrible ways to run an organisation.



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3 hours ago, KingKirk said:

Difference between banned and not working. The truth is we have no say in the pundits TV companies choose to use. 


Not directly, but if we made it clear beforehand that we would prohibit access to our players and staff for interviews then that could sway the decision. Premier don’t really have the sway of Sky or BT to force our hand here.

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The guy is a completely bias prick. As well as BBC he's a paid scum fc TV pundit, any partiality out the window. He also can't get over that we deemed him not good enough for our club. 

The Kamara comment was the last sstraw. Ban him and let his scumbag employees back him as we all know they will. 

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Hes an ex player fair enough football apprenticeship and all that ,no degree in journalism, politics or physiology(specialising in biomechanics) this sums up whats wrong having a face as an ex footballer shouldn't allow a person to become an armchair expert.

We as a club on football issues and wider topics shouldn't entertain non qualified pundits certainly non biased ones.

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14 hours ago, The Hammer 11 said:

Basically accused him of making up whatever kudela said 

that is disgraceful - even my celtic supporting mates (we're a mixed bunch) were saying was obvious what he was up to and slavia should ideally be kicked out, but won't be because can't prove it. we all know it and stewart just at it

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