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Rangers Social Media Boycott

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It's certainly some sort of statement. Not as big as taking the knee a year ago and won't change a single thing.

Social media would shite itself if much bigger accounts took a stance like Ronaldo/Messi etc but can't see Facebook giving a fuck that Gerrard with his 9m Instagram followers ain't posting for a week and that's the most followed account.

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I never use social media personally but this is a positive step by the club.

Have no doubt that this will achieve nothing but it does keep the topic in the public eye.

Only when those posters wake up to find cops on their doorstep at 6am waving arrest warrants will things change and that requires social media companies to do more. I won't hold my breath.


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14 hours ago, TamCoopz said:

Attention seeking wee boots like her should have their internet connections cut off

Typical of that lot trying to jump on the anti-racism campaign now that it getting a bit of traction.

Standard of journalism is really sad these days if they canny even differentiate between racism and sectarianism regardless of the accuracy of their allegations. 

Doesnt realise the damage, or possibly even care, they are doing to an important message not just Rangers but Swansea are trying to highlight.

I just wish more clubs would join in, perhaps a more co-ordinated action can be taken say next month.

Maybe this so called journalist can even do some work and come up with a proper, newsworthy article instead the same old tired bile. There are certainly no shortage of things in Scottish football  that need dragging out into the daylight and exposed.

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