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*****The Official Champions Vs Tarriers Match Thread*****

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At least I’ll be able to watch the whole game this time. Had to leave at halftime the last time to get admitted to hospital.  I remember thinking “if I don’t come through this at least I’ve finally

We've broken every single one of the scummy cunts. It's glorious 😂😂😂

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13 minutes ago, Ivybank said:

McGregor fantastic 10/10

paterson 8/10 would have been 10 but his pass back could have let them back in it

barasic 6/10 defending in second half was terrible at times 

goldson 9/10 second half was immense

helander 8/10 good ,couple of lapses

davis 9/10 goal wasbrilliant

kamara good solid 7/10

arfield 4/10 poor should have been subbed

aribo 9/10 scares defenders in the box

morelos 4/10 didn’t do anything of note

kent 9/10 electric first half

Arfield 4/10  wtf

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1 hour ago, billscott said:

when i read that stuff it fucking annoys me to hell  that what you pay a goalie to do make saves  same as you pay a striker to score  i did not think mcgregor was motm  to me paterson or aribo should have got it

Some cunt should tell barkas that’s what he’s paid to do.

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2 hours ago, RS4_wul said:

Patterson was immense, again. 

And fair play to big Aribo. So was he.

Said it already but shagger saving shots from them is so unfair :lol:

No his fault they couldn't score in a barrel of fannies :mutley:


They had at least 3 good  chances within 8 yards. Couple of sitters amongst those.

Shat it from the Champions!


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