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7 minutes ago, CooperSF said:

Slavia Chairman of the Board Jaroslav Tvrdík said: “Ondřej was suspended for 10 UEFA games and as a club we respect the decision,” adding that “In any case, Ondřej Kúdela should not have approached the opposition player. I deeply regret that and apologise to Glen Kamara for a situation that has clearly caused distress to him and his teammates, as well as everyone associated with Slavia and Rangers. I am taking positive steps to prevent such a situation from happening in our club ever again.”

Shat it.


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If Kamara did give him a slap, I hope we have the footage and post it.  Fuck Slavia Prague and UEFA.

Lacazette staring into their souls.  

Now we better go after Michael Stewart for a public apology. Now it "proven" he was racist 

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1 minute ago, McEwan's Lager said:

What I find odd is that he's got less games for a supposed deliberate assault than Roofe, whose 'assault' was obviously non-deliberate.

UEFA seem to have gone for a longer ban than for Roofe, but then shortened it, presumably to try to head off the inevitable disgust from all decent folk. They failed.

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Kamara has clearly lamped him one or Anwar would be all over his 3match ban as well but accepted. 

Whilst I get 10games is the current maximum, UEFA should have the power to ban this utter lying cunt for life, or at least 12months.  You either want to battle racism in sport or you pay it lip service and they have shat the bed. 

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1 hour ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Is it fuck enough :lol: 

Trippier got two more games by telling someone to make a bet 

One issue pertains to the horrific prejudice towards someone based on something they have absolutely no control over whatsoever, a woldwide societal problem that causes misery and inequality for millions of people. A problem that is trying to be solved by governments and organisations all over the world. A problem that causes people to lose their life.

The other is related to money.

Clear to see where UEFA's priorities lie.

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