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Wilson and Bisgrove Webinar

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I am sure most major sports clothing companies plan kit designs well in advance under normal circumstances. Bisgrove and Wilson did seem quite happy regarding this seasons kit though...:lol:

A matter of months from design to retail during a pandemic, was always going to see some issues in the clothing wear.

Castore should now also be able to tap into data collected from the Rangers web store, which hopefully will improve stock issues of most popular items etc.

Hopefully Wilson is able to get some-kind of Hybrid pitch into Ibrox. maybe Bisgrove can get some-kind of Sponsor on-board to assist with this, afterall Tottenham have a Paint Supplier:confused:

Interesting to hear too that more companies are wanting to associate themselves with the Women's Team and it seems the club is wanting to showcase them more on club platforms going forward.

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We are very lucky to have men of the standard of Mr bisgrove and Wilson. I've always said at Rangers we should always look to have best in class in every department having these guys at our club certainly gives us that. 

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Great listen. Hearing the proposed future for the club. These two men seem to compliment each other and the whole management structure now in place at Rangers.

Can't wait to see who we bring in to improve the squad.

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19 hours ago, MorelosRangers said:

We are very lucky to have JB leading us just now. He is on a different level to anything we've had before. Considering he's been in the job for 2 years then it's remarkable the work and planning that has been completed.

I have to agree, I do think a lot of his work does somewhat go unnoticed, but he does have Rangers fans working in the Commercial department too, so that must help him in some aspects. Like you have said the work he and his team has done in such a short time is remarkable, do they even sleep! :lol: 

I think we had around 10 Partners before Bisgrove came-in. I do hope he is loving his job at Rangers and keeps pushing us forward!


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