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5 minutes ago, Copeland1983 said:

I think he deserves a shout out today.

He caused them problems and upped his pace and work rate.

If he had played poorly today I think we would all have lost confidence in his ability in an Old Firm game.

Opportunity now for him to kick on now and cement one of those attacking positions.

Well said mate. Took a lot of shit on here and was a concern in the starting lineup but stood up and was counted today.

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Just now, graeme_4 said:

Great game. Not a CM though. Much better when he’s got a bit more freedom. 

Bang on.  I think we sometimes might play him there against the shite teams there but I think we need to can that, sign more midfielders to do that and let him develop further up the park.

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Great performance. Made a proper mark on an old firm for the first time in his Rangers career, hope we see more of that in the last game this season and next season.

Possibly struggles because he's not an out and out CM and can't be trusted there in the big games, but also not quite suited to the 10 role in the way that we use them, but he's contributed more than enough this season. Hopefully another season behind him allows him to kick on even further next year.

The talent is there, I just hope the mentality and belief will grow.

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Impressive today, was never a big fan of him playing high on the right due to his lack of confidence with his right foot. Today he was going down the line and crossing with the right and cutting inside onto his left. Obviously he and the coaching staff have been working on this and the hard work is starting to pay.

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