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Breakaway European Super League

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Making a 400m loss should result in penalties not an invite to a lucrative new league. 

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These super teams will end up having the finances to have massive squads, even more than they already do now. Money grabbers will go there not caring if they play and just leave those here that actually love and want to play the game. 

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Money is the driver. These clubs are mostly owned by billionaires with no fan connection.

The model is football as 'entertainment'. NFL franchise style. Not the game we all grew up with.

The financial backing is there so the owners stand to make money. 'Future fans' is a horrible phrase as it implys that current fans are not valued and their views will be ignored.

Don't trust authorities to implement their threats so all I can say is hell mend them.

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2 hours ago, Monkey Butler said:

When Sky start covering the ESL Gary will be there commentating. Nothing surer.

Gary Neville "I'm NOT against money in football. I'm a footballer who made a FORTUNE out of the game. I'm a pundit who earns a LOT of money out of the game. But the SELFISHNESS of what's going on at the moment is incredible." 😂 

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Dont trust the government one little bit in this.

They will talk a good game now, then try and force something on football that suits these clubs and just makes the rest of us suck it up.

These clubs will win out of this. If its not the Super League, it will be massive concessions from everyone else to give them close to what they want anyway.

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