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Breakaway European Super League

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Making a 400m loss should result in penalties not an invite to a lucrative new league. 

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2 minutes ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

Big twitch streamer.

Basically plays computer games and people give him money to watch him do so.

One of the signs of the apocalypse I think.

What a world we live in he can make money off that, fair play to the boy.

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5 minutes ago, Jeffrey said:

Stale Solbakken the Norway manager

"In the past few years Juventus has been knocked out by Lyon, Porto and Ajax. Why the fuck do they want to be in that competition. Spurs and Arsenal arent even top 20 teams in Europe at the moment."

I hope that quote is actually true!

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Just now, Shuggy said:

A lot of opposition to this, let's see how "hard nosed" these businessmen are.


They genuinely wont give a fuck.

They would rather have a bunch of Indian and Chinese viewers tuning in to this if it makes more money than bothering to keep a few locals happy.

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League associations and UEFA need to stick to their guns here. If they want to breakaway, follow through with kicking clubs out of their league's and banning players from national tournaments.

Let them have their closed off league and the rest of football can carry on without them. 

Unfortunately I still fully expect these associations and Uefa will find a middle ground. 

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12 minutes ago, keithgersbear said:

So most on here against it? 

Cant really see any grounds for being for it, its horrendous.

Think either the amercan and arab owners who understand fuck all about football have made a massive miscalculation on the response to this or are only doing it to hold a gun to uefa's head to get concessions.

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I hope they do breakaway and are banned football will be much better 

Half of these clubs haven’t been relevant over the course of European football history 

Let the truly great clubs like Rangers, Ajax, Benfica, Red Star, Steaua, Malmö etc go back to being the biggest clubs and we’ll have a far more interesting competition. I hope we’re already on the front foot pushing for more influence in the ECA on the back of the resignations and departures from these clubs  

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