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53 minutes ago, JamieD said:

This. Can't imagine why anyone could muster up any anger against him.

He was an absolute prick, when manager of the sheep, anytime tho celtic were best thing out, cunt got what he deserved, the sack.

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On 18/04/2021 at 21:46, Ger_onimo said:

He chose Aberdeen over Rangers, and he has to live with that

At the time I was surprised but my take on this now is think he basically knew that he couldn’t cut the Rangers job and the pressure that accompanies it (thankfully).
We avoided a car crash imo and I can’t be too critical of a man who is aware of his own limitations...

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38 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

There were heavy rumours he balked at the list of targets we had at the up coming window when he sat down with Allen. 

With hindsight no fucking wonder he turned us down if that was true - Greg Docherty, Russell Martin, Sean Goss and making Declan John permanent and expecting that to compete with Celtic :lol: 

Always thought John was alright, best of a bad bunch from that list.

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