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*****The Official St Johnstone v The Champions Match Thread****

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Just now, DrLaudrup said:

Showing his inexperience. Really poor game management. Again the fringe players letting us down against weaker opposition when they should be grabbing the opportunity. 

For all the people going nuts about how our fringe players deserve game time, tonight shows you why they don't play

Itten is absolutely balls, never a Rangers player

Simpson, not seen enough but looks very poor, seems to struggle with everything

The rest were just mediocre at best. Would be much more annoyed if that game actually meant something but still poor nonetheless 

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One of the worst refereeing performances I’ve ever seen in my life.  Yellow cards for nothing awarding two penalties for nothing only for a linesman to pull him up for his mistake, letting st Johnstone have another attack after the 3 minutes added in which leads to their “penalty” fucking shambles.  Cunt should now referee top flight football again.

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FFS. Come Sunday full strength and put this lot in their place. As I said all the discussion will be about the three penalty incidents but we should have searched out a second and put this to bed.

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