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***** The Official Champions v St Johnstone Match Thread *****

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Just now, Ivybank said:

I would sell hagi in a heartbeat, offers nothing and never lasts a full game ,why start him

Guessing it was some hopeful attempt at trying to make up for having only two fit/eligible 'proper' midfielders left.

Didn't look like he knew where he was supposed to be.

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Stark reminder for SG after Wed’s game that all focus was on the weekend, seemingly very determined. Pity he never let the team know, fucking out with a whimper, cements that some of that first team are too big a pussy for this country.  Middle to front nowhere near good enough long term, 55 won and that tainted 10 ended but miles off where we need to be.

Raging at that half hearted shite we’re being served up week in week out. Well done to St. J, they got what they deserved but we should have way to much for them. 

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I just get the vibe and feeling that at top clubs like ours, the modern players are very meh about domestic cup competitions. I don't know how everyone else feels about that????

I remember years ago on the continent it being that way, and a little bit like that down south.

I had a,bad feeling about tonight, don't know why, just did.  

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4 minutes ago, Bigdave30 said:

Gerrard out.

Jokes aside we’ve shat the cups big time but if somebody said you can have 55 and fuck all else at the start of the season you’d have ripped their arm off, it’s gutting but now we know we are not as good some seem to think, there’s room for improvement and hopefully the staff deliver come the start of next season.

Again wrong mentality to have. This is Rangers we should be looking to win every competition we are involved in especially in scotland. 

Gerrard and the team absolutely shat it again tonight. I mentioned earlier in this thread we are sorely missing winners in this team/squad and i stand by that. Too many of this current team are happy to coast games and they need to either shape up or ship out.

I put hagi and aribo both at the top of that list. 

On their day they are unplayable but its not much use if thats 2 in every ten games. 

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9 minutes ago, the old guard said:

Still not lost a domestic game in 90 mins this season, and didn't even make a semi final, says it all really, the softness we have shown in injury time has been brutal, why can't the fuck we see a game out properly. 

St Mirren beat us in 90 mate

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1 minute ago, MorelosRangers said:

I don't understand why Morelos was taken off. 

I don't rate Roofe as a centre forward. He is better playing off a front man. It was a strange decision as Alfie almost scored a few times.

Think Gerrard was raging at him missing all these chances

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