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*****The Official Champions vs the scum thread*****

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7 minutes ago, The Socrates. said:

A wish we could play them every week. 

Prefer our players to have a challenge mate.:craphead:

Need to keep match fit.

They are scared of us now. Must hate going up against us knowing they will be  very lucky to get a draw.

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Largest win over that lot in 14 years and we're still progressing as a team with an inexperienced manager at the helm. They know the game's up.

Roofe was superb and Kent just loves these games.

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3 hours ago, Dickie1963 said:

F@ck sakes the daughters boyfriend who is a Tim is staying to watch the match.

Don't know about this tbh. 

Wonderful day.

I can recommend watching us pump them next to a Tim. 

All very civilised but he knows we are Kings of Scotland.


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Great day especially Alfie getting a goal from a nutmeg on Brown and then getting taken off as well. We have Davis they have Brown not even close.Would have liked another few goals but they couldn’t get near us. They can’t say because they only had 10 on the park they couldn’t beat us with 11 on the park any other time. 

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