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Sum up this season...

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24 years a season book holders and after all the shite we have had to endure this Season has made it seem worthwhile. I can’t even imagine now what it would have been like if we hadn’t have stop they cunts doing there tainted 10 and we done it in style. Honestly made my year, we are and always will be the people, THIS IS OUR CITY

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There have been so many highlights over the course of the season. Hard to pick one but glad we finally fucked them over properly. Saying that the new year game was funny as fuck in the aftermath as we still prevailed despite no shots on goal. I think it is one you will look back on in five years or so and truly appreciate 👍 

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1 hour ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Ima ruin the mood and kill the fuck out the vibe here and tell you what it means to me. 

The last year has been shite. Utter shite. We have all took a battering with covid.  She lost her mum this year and the weans will be too young to even remember her. Buried my wee granny at a time where nobody could even come and pay their respects. Lost my uncle, a work colleague to covid and only this week we lost a proper good bluenose/former mason in the family.

The rest of us picking up the pieces are all season ticket holders. Like most of you, we never batted an eyelid at forking out for the ST this year despite everything knowing we wouldn't see a game in person. And despite all the shite we have had to eat this year, every Rangers goal was celebrated like it was the most meaningful. Every win closer to 55 made us all happy and for a wee moment, just forget the bad stuff. It sounds cheesy as fuck but I honestly think Rangers played a big part of healing all of us. So this season meant everything to me. When people look back on this last year or two they will talk about it being the year we all stopped. I'll talk about it as the year we started and the year we took back our place.


Yes, that’s true - it’s been a horrible year for many of us - this title and the results that got us here have been the joy that keeps us going 👍 

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3 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

Never mind the start of the season, if you had told me that after say the Livingston or Hibs games early on, I would have pissed myself because at that point it looked like we were facing a repeat of the past two seasons.

It was a rollercoaster for sure. 

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