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*** RangersMedia Erskine Fund - BonusBall Raffle, 8 May 2021 ***

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Hi Bears

After last weeks very successful BonusBall Raffle, we are going to have another this week.

Thanks again to @Sparkle we have another Adidas climalite RSEA top to offer as our BonusBall Raffle prize. (Size XL this time, 46 ins chest). Photo below, have your sunglasses at the ready!  

If you are interested, it will be £2 per number. Maximum of 3 numbers per person. 

The draw will be made by using the Lotto BonusBall on Saturday, 8 May 2021 (If we can sell all the numbers!).

Choose your numbers and post them on this thread. I will keep a List just under the OP for you all to see. 

Payment is via the usual Fund Accounts, either PayPal or Bank Transfer. PM me, @Zetland should you need any help. Please use your RM Username as a Reference when you are making your donation.

I DO NOT CHOOSE NUMBERS, so please make your own choices! 
Hope I have covered all the information you need.

Your support, as always, is much appreciated. :UK:


Edit: Adding one pack of 2004 Legends Playing cards as a Bonus!

595AD168-9B66-4213-A8D9-622231344124.jpeg.cbfbc8f5e245d368d11ebc5bc3c1e874 (1).jpeg


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The Lotto BonusBall is..........15  Congratulations to @gmcf who is our Winner this week!   

The BonusBall Raffle is SOLD OUT!!! Thanks to all of you who have supported Erskine by taking numbers this week.  Extra shout out to the Bears who came back for extra numbers. I was getting

Thank you very much . If its alright I'd like to hand it back into the Fund to use as it sees fit .  Thanks once again.  

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BonusBall Numbers:

1. Darth Bear

2. ianb1547

3. Darth Bear

4. Darth Bear

5. Bluekev

6. gazza27

7. Bears r us

8. JM1872

9. macmac

10. macmac

11. macmac

12. SW3

13. gmcf

14. Bears r us

15. gmcf

16. sprintervanman 

17. sprintervanman 

18. JM1872

19. Bluekev


21. Bears r us

22. islanderbear84

23. G13

24. cascadeshrimp

25. cascadeshrimp

26. cascadeshrimp

27. sprintervanman 

28. JM1872

29. SW3


31. ianb1547

32. G13

33. Boydy69

34. Boydy69

35. Boydy69

36. islanderbear84 

37. gmcf

38. Bluekev

39. cascadeshrimp 

40. G13

41. cascadeshrimp

42. Bluekev

43. cascadeshrimp 

44. SW3

45. Bluekev

46. gazza27

47. SW3

48. SW3

49. SW3


51. jamess

52. jamess

53. jamess

54. gazza27

55. ianb1547

56. Bluekev

57. LiverpoolBlue

58. LiverpoolBlue 

59. LiverpoolBlue 


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