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Reports: Rangers to Offer Kent a New Deal

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He has came a long way since putting in the worst performance ever against Motherwell back in February :pipe:

All joking aside Kent has taken a lot of abuse on here aswell as the high praise....perhaps his numbers last season weren't as great as his overall game actuallywas....this season he has the numbers to back up his play, he totally terrorises them....another season like this season please with even more consistency and he will be player of the year

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Get him tied down. Deserves a pay rise to put him with the top earners (If he isnt already there?)

If he continues to improve his numbers and puts in performances in Europe then I see no reason why he couldn't get a call up, few players can do when he can. 


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3 hours ago, Rangers_no1 said:

He's played a grant total of 589 minutes this season and you want to give him 'at least' another year. Fucking hell. :lol:

Nearly 200 minutes of those were against Cove Rangers, Falkirk and Lincoln FC. 

Ageed . Even on this , SG will show no sentiment and I'm sure he won't .

JD has been useful to have at the club . Although we have to have, a more dynamic and youthful  front line to choose from IMO 

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There was a period of time this season he wasn’t contributing much, particularly against teams that parked the bus and frustrated him from dribbling into the penalty area. Around the time the Europa League started up again he began to realize he could pass into the box and drive to the goal and with the players we had on the pitch he could get himself into great positions and expect the ball back. Since February he’s been a different animal.

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21 hours ago, bornabear said:

I think most of our players will stay to have a crack at the CL.

Strengthen yes, but get rid of the cross too.

I agree ,Guys like Morelos and Kamara would have been most folks certs to be away but they seem to want to have a crack at the big one .

We probably still need to sell one or 2 though 

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