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***The Official Trophy Day Celebrations Thread***

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7 minutes ago, psb07158 said:

Also I hope that boy who got his hand blown off is alright 

Just saw pics that I really hope are fake. :ang: Don't think they are, though.

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5 hours ago, Bears r us said:

Just noticed this tweet from Aitken. Carnage and heroic about cleaning up from yesterday. :lol:


the lard arse stoking the flames and it's fuckin glorious.
and that other fuckin bigot parading as the justice secretary should be taken to task for inflammatory comments.
but!....the haters always gonna hate.

another season like 20/21 will kill them off and i'm still celebrating with a bottle of johnnie walker blue label i've been nursing since 2011.:UK:
nothing they can say will take the shine off 55.


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4 hours ago, born a blue nose said:

A would sook your jizz oot her bum lol


4 hours ago, born a blue nose said:

A would sellotape 4 plugs to ma feet n dae the jitterbug just to get her to fart in ma gub 



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