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***The Official Trophy Day Celebrations Thread***

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It's hardly surprising is it though? Club need to release a statement on this 'besmirching' our name, no some arseholes fighting in George Sq 

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9 minutes ago, frenv said:

I take it Police Scotland are tweeting about everything they're 'investigating' now then, irrespective of credibility of source or confidence of a case?

Humza wasting no time from his position of Twitter poster in chief in jumping on to stir the pot and create a few more headlines for the media to latch on to:



And if it's not (it's not) you should be made to apologies to every fucking one of them.

He is a wee cunt for that, he is throwing shit at people their first knowing it can be hard to wash off. 

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21 minutes ago, Prso's headband said:

That is genuinely frightening. The club need to come out with legal action here. We cannot have the police being political and using doctored videos to demonise the club even more. This is beyond the pale this stuff

This is the democracy that they want us to follow .

Just think Scotland is the birthplace of some of the greatest minds in history .

Today it’s the birthplace of the greatest small minds .

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22 minutes ago, tm91 said:

This is a fucking joke. :lol: I'm actually lost for words. Scotland in 2021, fucking hell. 

Club should be consulting lawyer's and getting ready to go for jugular on this. 

It's an absolute disgrace MPs trying to generate more negative headlines with out right slander. 

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