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29 minutes ago, born a blue nose said:

The amount of they saves you need a slow mo at a different angle to see if he got a touch is unreal btw 

Countless strikers must have shot and thought I FUCKED IT!  Watched the replay after the game and been in awe. 

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The best part is that isn't the half of the saves he's pulled. Just a snippet. He's pushing 40, one of the best goalies in the UK easily, he trains how he plays and is nothing short of a complete winner.

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46 minutes ago, Smile said:

As good as Goram for me.

Both legends. Different eras, different rules, and literally a different football being shot at them.

I have a big brother and a little brother. Both legends in their own way. Love them equally for who they are and the joy we share. 

They are both shite at fitba right enuf.:craphead:


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32 minutes ago, berkshirebear said:

He's done far more for Rangers than Goran ever did, it's not even an argument, just look at the numbers..

Best Goalie we've ever had in my opinion!!

Goran did fuck all for Rangers.

I am a better keeper.

 Not even an argument. 

Seriously though, they both have trophy laden  careers with Rangers during different eras.

We are so lucky to have had both in our employ. 

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I would always say that Goram was the best keeper that Rangers have ever had. He was in the top two or three in the world during his time with us. No question.

Now I’m questioning that.

It might sound stupid, but the design of modern footballs, make them more likely to move in the air and are way lighter (not really) to feel when you strike them. They are not goalkeeper friendly. 

McGregor has lightning reactions and can anticipate the flight of the ball , stick something out, and make an unbelievable save. 

It’s now 50/50 for me. 



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Shagger pips it by a finger tip for me. He’s played more games for us, the flight of the ball is different now, Goram benefited for a season or so with the old pass back rule & generally had better players in front of him.

We’ve had some absolutely brilliant keepers over the years and ultimately Woods, Goram, Klos & Shagger interchanged into the other’s team probably wouldn’t have made any difference to that particular side.

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