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Invincible! A whole season UNBEATEN!!!!

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Amazing 😁! Fuck all them who says it's not invincible, that's all they have left to shout now. 

Do we really think the year they done it if they had lost in one of the cups they wouldn't be shouting invincible? Naw! They are a brass neck! This has ruined them! 


Invincibles 🏆!!!

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Just now, RFC55 said:

Browns had a dig :lol:

He said they're real invincibles but ignored red imps 

Read that earlier today mate. That’s all the news they have to take the shine off our season? Surprised they didn’t let us know they had sold eddy for £50mil. Fucking cunts. They have nothing now. They are fucked! Get 56 ready. 

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Phenomenal achievement.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the season would play out the way it has - this team has delivered the goods and then some in derailing The Plastic Pretenders’ train this year. What an exhausting road it’s been since we were demoted and what a cathartic release of overwhelming joy it was seeing that trophy lifted today.

No other team comes close.

Rangers Then

Rangers Now

Rangers Forever.



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On 15/05/2021 at 20:40, STEPPS BOY said:

Just an Incredible achievement which will see the manager, his staff and the players enter Rangers folklore and rightly so.

This was their time and they became legends.

Lets hope that next year they become Gods

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On 15/05/2021 at 18:36, Willis said:

I love this Club like I did when I was a wee boy watching us win 9IAR, there's no other Club like it and nothing that describes the feeling of seeing these players with the trophy aloft

I was just thinking to myself earlier in the week that, I have never felt so confident before games since possibly the 92/93 season. That team were just relentless as well, and I was very rarely apprehensive about games back then. The latter part of this season has been the same. Ever since we went through January without dropping points, I knew....I just knew we were doing this!

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1 minute ago, MacBoyd said:

Honestly the invincible season has not sunk in at all

Same. At some point during the summer, I'm gonna sit down, read all the stats (month by month)....watch some of the games again, and just take it all in. I still can't believe the turnaround since last February. 

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