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There is such a distinct lack of quality front men in football at the moment. Near enough every big side in Europe needs a clinical striker, outside Haaland the top finishers are all on the back 9 of their careers - Lewandowski, Benzema, Cavani etc. I think Defoe is someone most clubs would love to have around as a coach/mentor, not just for his natural finishing ability, but the attitude and culture he brings to the club. Would love to see him stay on here with the odd cameo appearance, whilst helping our first team and academy get better. 

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2 hours ago, The Blues said:

I would sign Ajer in a second

He's marshalled that great defence and those surging runs to nowhere are great as well.

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19 hours ago, Corky True Legend said:

And to think that there arr some who wanted him to go in the summer (Bluenoz. Rangers No 1, Mols 94, graeme_4 for example).

I love Defoe mate and I really hope he hangs around but with the addition of Sakala and Wright, it is probably time to pass the torch. He was already excluded from Europe this year and his league campaign would be even less next year. I'm all for a coaching role but he doesn't seem ready for that.

Admittedly, those last two goals he scored shows he still has it. Tough decision ahead for the board. All depends on wages I suppose.

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On 16/05/2021 at 10:14, MK Dumfries said:

Yep he gets it, when he says best fans in the world its true and he'd know, his cv is full clubs that are proper clubs, fans more passionate than the ordinary... I'm thinking Sunderland,  pompey,  West ham and to some extent spurs but were different class, we are the people!!!!

an absolute gentleman and defo gets it as regards this great club

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1 minute ago, bluenoz said:

I'm a little surprised but don't have an issue with that. Those last two goals may have cemented the contract.

i think his season as a whole earned him the contract. have absolutely zero issues with him being here for another year and hopefully retiring with another league medal to his name, helping with young players and new signings (Sakala etc)


33 minutes ago, eskbankloyal said:

He’s getting a new 1 year deal. Will be announced in the next couple of days I believe 

any idea on the wages?

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