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Michael Beale subjected to anti-protestant racism tonight

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Just a small part of what happens when you denigrate one section of society. 

It's a name. Shouldn't bother anyone at all, but in the weird fictional land of offendedness that Scotland has become, we have to highlight these instances as the more they go unchecked where does the escalation stop? 

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31 minutes ago, NorthernLights said:

Always think it’s mental that sectarianism is a thing. Anybody ever been genuinely offended by it?

haven't you heard? sectarianism isn't a thing it's just anti-catholic/anti-irish

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Thank fuck we didn't win the treble,or we would be dragging more stiffs from the Clyde than is being found in the Ganges River.
NOW....getting a league and cup double and a group stage in the CL 21/22 and we can start making nails for the bastards coffins.

The cunts stoking the flames would be the first in the shelters if this takes off. 
Seriously!...If we do not turn this back on useless and plod then we need to tell them they've won without a fight.
If the manky bastards fart we should be kicking in doors.
Me personally can only see an escalation of what happened at the tail end of Saturday night.

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